MindaMusic Lesson Policies

Mission Statement:

To provide an environment that inspires each person to discover their very best musical self and enjoy the experience.

Registration Process:

Complete online registration form or download registration form and mail to: MindaMusic School, 1456 Beltline Rd. Ste 165, Garland, Tx., 75044, or email Lessons@MindaMusicStore.com.  Once your registration form and payment are received, your requested day/time for your lesson will be confirmed by phone or email.

Payment Policy:

Monthly tuition payments are to be paid in advance, by the 1 st of the month. Your payment confirms your time slot. Tuition payments received after the 12nd of the month are subject to a $25 late payment fee. Please pay by credit card(3% fee), cash or make checks payable to "MindaMusic." The returned check fee is $35. Full tuition will be due will be required during holiday months; however students are compensated for lessons missed due to holidays by extra classes, and 5 week months. Every student studying on an annual basis will receive 48 lessons within the year. Tuition is not pro-rated unless outlined by Ms. Minda during summer months in her absence. No refunds or deductions are made for missed lessons.
Lesson Materials:

Payment of music books for lessons will be the responsibility of the student. All music books and instruments are available for purchase at MindaMusic Store at a 20% discount.

Instructor’s Commitment:

If a MindaMusic Instructor cancels a lesson, the instructor is responsible for rescheduling the make-up lesson that is convenient with the student’s schedule. If a teacher is late, the time will be made up by the instructor at the student’s convenience. If a teacher misses a lesson without any notice, the student will receive a free lesson from that instructor and a make-up lesson due to their absence. If you have any concerns, please contact Lessons@MindaMusicStore.com.

Missed Lessons & Make-up Policy:

Private make up lessons are scheduled for students who give the instructor a 24 hour notice due to illness, inclement weather or extenuating circumstances otherwise the lesson is forfeited. Private make up lessons that are missed are forfeited. Private make up lessons cannot be rolled over into the following semester. Most make up lessons can be rescheduled on another day, however please arrange this with your instructor in advance. Please contact the instructor by phone and call the school at 469-661-8116 as soon as you know you need to reschedule. If a student is ill, i.e. has a sore throat, runny nose, and/or fever, please reschedule the lesson.

Group lessons can only be made up by another group lesson (if there is one available). Otherwise please note: missed group lessons cannot be made up nor credited.

Please be on time! Instructors cannot allow a lesson to extend in to the next student’s lesson time. Please arrive on time. You can enter a couple of minutes before your lesson time and wait quietly.

Parental Attendance/Rules in Studio:

Parental involvement is key to your child’s musical progress and growth. Each student under the age of 8 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian during each lesson and be a SILENT observer and provide support and encouragement by your presence. (This is determined on a student by student basis due to student’s age.) Please silence your cell phone and do not bring food, drinks, gum or candy into the lesson.  

What do I bring to my lesson?

Students should arrive on time with their music books and journal/assignment book, and 2 pencils (#2 and red).
The music journal contains each week’s assignments and records the student’s progress.
Daily playing is imperative in order to progress. Playing times range according to student’s age and ability level and will be determined by your instructor. Students should wear comfortable clothes and no grommets or zippers on pants. Please no perfume, no gum, no cell phones, and please have nails trimmed and clean.
It is customary to remove your shoes during your lesson, so please remember to do so when entering for your lesson. Feel free to bring socks or other house shoes to wear if you want.

At Home:

Student must have an instrument to practice one each day at home in a quiet room. Please keep this area well lit so the student can read their music easily with no distractions.